Mission:  To train, educate and prepare health professionals at Mt. Sinai (residents, fellows, PAs, nurses, attending faculty) to become leaders who strive for positive and ethical change in the healthcare field.

Introduction:  The Mt. Sinai Emergency Medicine Residency Program has an excellent track record of developing outstanding physicians. However, as the healthcare landscape evolves, emergency physicians are increasingly expected to lead complex, multidisciplinary teams,­­ not only in the emergency department but also on hospital and national committees, regional organizations, and practice management groups.
There are innumerable descriptions of leadership definitions and models; they are all valuable in some way, but our goal is to fundamentally grow the learner to become more capable of effectively enacting change. As such, we have developed a curriculum that is tailored to the unique circumstances and educational program at Mt. Sinai.  This curriculum entails (1) a didactic curriculum incorporating small group exercises, presentations, and group/panel discussion (2) team­based learning through a real­world experience in affecting change in a complex environment under guidance of faculty mentor and (3) ongoing faculty development in leadership and quality/process improvement.

Blog:  This website serves as the ‘home base’ for participants as they move through the year-long curriculum.  Its content is selected by program leadership and faculty mentors and is intended to serve as a self-paced educational tool for learners.


Acknowledgment:  This curriculum and the related lecture series would not be possible without the support of Arianne & Hugh O’Kane – friends of the program and leaders to which we all aspire.